Bangladesh Human Rights Foundation-BHRF has been doing some magnificent activities to ensure the human rights for the poor, abused and neglected people. Though The foundation established on the basis of the constitution of Bangladesh and universal declaration UN general assembly, started its activities officially from 23 July, 2009, chairperson of this organization Advocate Alena khan has been working in the field of human rights a 26 years long and the members of the board of trustees on human rights issues for a long time.

Mr. Rajeeb Samdani is the Secretary General of Bangladesh Human Rights Foundation-(BHRF) and the managing Director of Golden Harvest Group.

BHRF is a nongovernmental and non-political human rights organization, whose affairs are being managed under the guidance and supervision of dedicated human rights organizer, founder of BHRF Advocate Alena Khan and by the financial and humanitarian assistance of the members of trustee board the foundation. Specially Golden Harvest Group donated the fund of Bangladesh Human Rights Foundation-(BHRF).

BHRF has registered under the Trust Act of 1882, Registration No. IV-59/2009.

Bangladesh Human Rights Foundation BHRF is committed to ensure the implementation of the basic rights and laws and good governance recorded in the constitution of Bangladesh. In the light of the Constitution on of Bangladesh Human Rights Foundation has adopted the general approach of dealing along with the people in order to pave the way of establishment of rule of law. The Foundation believes that there is lack of knowledge among most of the ordinary people about rights, human rights and the basic law, so human rights education, basic legal knowledge and training required establishing their rights. For this reason, since the birth of Bangladesh Human Rights Foundation- BHRF has adopted pragmatic activities to establish the fundamental human rights recognized by the constitution of Bangladesh along with standing beside the abused, oppressed, the poor, helpless people.

Bangladesh Human Rights Foundation-BHRF is working towards the establishment of protection against women Violence, rape, domestic violence, family prejudice, land rights, wrongful discharge, illegal detention, torture and deaths in police custody, social inequality and insecurity and administrative irregularities, corruption, etc and establish the rights of law In order to remedy the poor, miserable, poor, abused neglected, the disadvantaged, especially women, children , minorities involved in the crime including ridden adolescent / teenager , indigenous / tribal.

The organization has established a strong network throughout the country by setting up branches in almost all districts of the country.