About Us

Golden Harvest Foods Ltd. started in 2012 to cater the ever increasing consumer market in snacks industry. From the very beginning, we have employed a simple yet very profound promise to our products standard that is, ‘We make what we share with our own children’. This is a promise we tend to keep from sourcing raw materials to packaging process, making sure high quality and standard for each of our products. .

Using Technology at best

In Golden Harvest Foods Ltd. we believe in the constant need for higher quality products in modern consumer market. That’s why we have invested heavily on state of the art machineries in our production plant, based in Sylhet. Our technical team is continuously monitoring every installation and maintenance of the production equipment using strict guideline so our products get international standards of hygiene.

In Brands We Trust

We now cater the market with 7 different products ranging from chips to condiments. We believe snacks are always a good source of fun and enjoyment, so we work our way with the brands in similar fashion. Our unique packaging gets noticed easily from array of similar products in market shelves. Our consumers also find it tasty and different at the same time because of our way of finding the right balance of taste and texture. Our latest brands include Golden Harvest Sauce and Ketchup™, Golden Harvest Chanachur™, Potos™, Googly™ and Golden Harvest Potato Crackers™ from the house of Golden Harvest Foods Ltd.

Our People:

If you ask us what makes a Brand great, our answer will always be ‘it’s people’! We have the right people in right places to make our brand a success story and continuously looking for the one who likes to work hard and play even harder! Our team of seasoned professionals have been working in same or different industry for decades and have a sound knowledge on overall consumer market of Bangladesh. We now have over 500 employees across the country working for Golden Harvest Foods Ltd. All in all, we are proud to have all the talented people working tirelessly for our brands to get better each and every day.