We work with a vision for creating a work-culture to foster creativity, innovation and productivity through dynamic and engaged people. We work relentlessly to establish Golden Harvest as a platform to learn, grow and contribute for consistently delivering international standard innovative products and services for an improved lifestyle.

Employees Development is our priority:

We identify the training needs through a structured TNA (Training Need Assessment) process and provide trainings accordingly to develop the knowledge and skills of our human resources. This is a place to discover and unleash your potential.

We ensure an Open, Transparent and Value Based Work Culture:

We ensure a culture of openness where employees can share their ideas/opinions freely. Regular meetings were conducted with an objective to enhance process efficiency & effectiveness and also to share cross-functional knowledge & skills. We try to create an engaged workforce through a felt-fair culture and transparent process. There is high emphasis to build a value based culture where dignity of the individual is the highest priority. Our core values (Quality; Innovation; Trustworthiness; Customer Focus; Enterprising Spirit) are reflected in every system & operation. Different social events like games, picnic, corporate retreat etc. are organized time to time with an objective to strengthen the bondage & communication among the employees.

We follow Modern, Effective & Fair Recruitment & Selection Process:

We use modern selection tools e.g. Competency Based Interview, Behavioral Interview etc. which made our selection process more scientific and unbiased. Manpower Planning, Career Planning and Succession Planning are done regularly so that the organization gets the right people in the right place at the right time.

We offer a High Performance and Recognition Culture:

We adopted KPI (Key Performance Indicator) based Performance Appraisal System which is a combination of qualitative & quantitative SMART targets with an objective to make our appraisal system more participatory, fair and unbiased. Our Appraisal System also includes appropriate balance over Individual Performance, Departmental Performance and Organizational Performance. Career progression is performance based and talents are identified through matrix system. Every single positive effort is recognized and rewarded appropriately.

We have Competitive and Effective Compensation Management:

There is a Compensation Committee which ensures regular compensation survey of the relevant industry and ensures that the salary & fringe benefits are determined by the reference to the external market and internal equity.

Automated Human Resources Information System (HRIS):

We established a Human Resource Accounting system to ensure clarity and focus on the investments made in the Human Resources. Our HR Dashboard in ERP system regularly provides important insights/intelligence about the total HR process/system.